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  • All our products are shipped through  FedEx courier service worldwide.
  • At the checkout, our website will automatically calculate shipping cost based on number of items, total weight and shipping address. Our website has FedEx API installed which pulls the cost from FedEx website.
  • If the FedEx is unable to calculate shipping cost at checkout, the customer is offered Flat Rate by FedEx. This cost is per an item.
  • The customer may give us different service through which the items may be shipped.
  • There can be delay in shipping from  2 days to two weeks as a result of item(s) ordered may not be in stock. Mostly, this occurs as it takes several days to weave the cloth especially the high quality ones when they are not in stock. 
  • If the item is not in stock in Australia, it will therefore be shipped from Ghana to the customer directly as it would not make sense for the ordered item shipped to Australia first before its destination. 
  • The customer takes every responsibility that will arise as a result of incorrect address given during the time of making the order. 
  • After products are sent to the FedEx  for shipping, we notify the customer by giving the tracking number by email only, customers are therefore advised to give correct email addresses when making orders.
  • There is no handling fee.
  • If item is to be returned, we will compensate the customer for the original shipping fee paid.